Bankruptcy Testimonials

a tremendous physical weight had been lifted from our shoulders

“To Whom it May Concern:

As clients of Michael H. Raichelson, my wife and I are extremely pleased to recommend his services.

When we first met Michael, our situation was pretty grim. Health problems, unemployment, and a drastic drop in the value of our house had turned our lives upside down. We just couldn't pay our bills.

Credit counseling and our research on the internet made it clear that bankruptcy was inevitable. What wasn't clear was what bankruptcy would mean for us. We felt like we were being pushed over the edge and would lose everything. Fortunately, that's when we were referred to Michael.

Michael understood what we were going through. Due to his experience with the court where we had to file and his knowledge of current, real-world conditions with creditors and banks, he was able to explain exactly what would happen and when. After our first meeting, we felt like a tremendous physical weight had been lifted from our shoulders. We felt like we were in control of our lives again.

Today, everything has unfolded just as Michael had told us it would. We are debt free and enjoying a fresh start. We strongly urge anyone faced with bankruptcy to have Michael help them as he has helped us.”

– R.F.D


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