How to Appeal an IRS Decision

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Did the IRS make a change to your tax refund that you disagree with? During tax season, the IRS changes a myriad of checks every year for various reasons. Whether it is simple math error or a mistake you made when filing, you should not worry about the change because there are ways to resolve it. Raichelson Law, P.C. discusses how to appeal an IRS decision if you don't agree with the IRS's determination.

What is a tax appeal?

A tax appeal is a formal protest submitted to the IRS to resolve any disagreements related to what you report on your tax return. Though tax appeals can save you money, there is no guarantee the appeal will be assessed in your favor. The most critical aspect to having a successful case is to stay organized, fill out the proper paperwork, and be patient. No one wants to pay an excessive amount of money in taxes even if they can afford it. It is important to remember that you only have so much control to lower the amount you owe. There are other solutions better suited for you if owe more in taxes than you can afford. Also, be aware of tax scams and double check anything you receive from the IRS. Technology has made it effortless for scammers to manipulate images and documents to make them appear completely legitimate.

How can I submit a tax appeal?

The IRS provides detailed instructions on their website for how to file a formal written protest to request an appeal. There are various templates you can find online to guide you in drafting the reasons why you disagree with the IRS's decision. Be prepared to have your paperwork and documents organized to submit your protest. It also may be beneficial to get advice from a tax professional, who can also provide support throughout the appeal process. Tax attorneys are a useful resource to consult when you are unsure if filing a formal protest is the right decision for your specific financial situation. The IRS states, “You may represent yourself, or have a professional represent you” if you are having trouble resolving your case and it is sent to the Office of Appeals for further review.

How long does it take to resolve?

As mentioned earlier, a successful case is going to require a bit of patience. The IRS has a backlog of appeals, offers in compromise, and various cases that take time to address. Unfortunately, they are not known for their speedy service. Most cases take at least a year before progress is made and sometimes it can take even longer. Working with a tax professional and having a little bit of patience will serve you well during this time.

There is no guarantee your tax appeal will save you money, but you must be proactive in attempting to lessen the amount you owe, especially if you believe there is an error in your report. Raichelson Law, P.C. offers more than 20 years of experience in tax debt and tax controversy to help take the burden of debt off your shoulders. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation to learn more about how our attorneys can give you the fresh start you deserve.

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